A Complete Creative Toolkit for Confluence Cloud

Create engaging Confluence pages with the most intuitive macro suite:
Panel, Button, Cards, Tabs, Background, Divider & Title

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The best teams build with Aura

Get more out of your Confluence pages

Confluence teams use Aura to design, build and launch pages for endless use cases.

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Make your pages look stunning

With Aura you have the power to build engaging and visually stunning pages in Confluence. From landing pages to documentation to event pages, everything can be designed with Aura.

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Create beautiful Confluence pages

Use macros such as titles, buttons, backgrounds, and dividers to create engaging pages that help you get your message across. 


Structure your information

Improve the user experience of your pages by sorting content with macros like Cards, Panels or Tab Groups.


Track your progress visually

Keep track of the progress of your projects with macros like the Progress bar, Countdown or Status

"Our Marketing and Design team was recently tasked with creating visually engaging, consumable material in Confluence. We discovered Aura and since using, it has 100% enabled us to achieve those goals."


Go from boring to beautiful in minutes.

Everything you need to capture your readers attention with engaging pages.

10+ macros

From titles and buttons to background images. Aura offers a wide range of markos that is constantly growing.

Interactive previews

Aura's configuration dialogs provide real-time interactive previews. So you can see what you are actually building.

Color Management

Aura enables you to control which colors are available throughout Aura macros by introducing Color Palettes

Intuitive design

Aura macros are made to be easy to use. Empower your teams to create beautiful pages without without major obstacles.


What our customers say

Our company has only been using Aura for a short while and we can't say enough about how much these little macros have transformed some of our Confluence Cloud pages. The versatility and beautiful aesthetics of these macros can only be appreciated once you start working with them and adding them to your pages.

I can't say enough good things about Aura and the team at AppAnvil. They have a fantastic product, are devoted to quality, are great collaborators, and fantastic communicators. A+++

We had an issue with Aura App, where my anonymous users weren't able to view the content or images. Siebert had it fixed within 24 hrs. Great service and TAT on this! Also, this APP is amazing, has made my confluence spaces look and feel like actual websites and super easy to use!


Aura helps teams create engaging
Confluences pages from design to launch

Bring your pages to life with macros used by the world’s best teams.


For teams

Build team spaces to showcase your team and their work. Plan projects on well-organized project pages and much more.


For documentation

Communicate information in a clear and understandable way. Make your content readable and build lasting documentation.


For events

Present ideas across the organization, plan tevents, and share professionally created content in Confluence.

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